Eddie and Izzie

Introducing a fun adventure with the creative team from MESON Innovation to
share the ways that DITTO cups, bowls and containers can help save our planet.

Welcome to the Adventure

Thanks to lateral thinking due to University of Canterbury education, and proudly Kiwi innovation.
Please follow their adventures on:

… having fun while saving our planet

Meson cup cartoon

Join us on the Adventure

Having fun while saving our planet… to all children who care about our planet, and to all adults still connected to their “child inside”, continue to follow the story of Eddie and Izzie, and please introduce them to your friends and family… they will need all the friends they can get if they are to make a difference saving our planet.

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Having fun while saving the planet

As the MESON Innovation team continue to work on the first Eddie and Izzie Icecube storyline, read about their continuing development. You can also read about their adventures on our Eddie and Izzie Storylines Page.

Please help us by introducing them to friends and family.

Having fun while saving our planet.

dittoware eddie and izzie

Mark Crawley Meson Cup

The story behind the story

Locked down alone for two months and counting in a foreign city could drive anyone stir-crazy, but isolation can be turned positive by reflecting on past lessons, then used as energy to power innovations greatly needed as part of our “new norm”.

These are some of a Kiwi Entrepreneur’s lessons that power MESON Innovation and led to the creation of Eddie and Izzie.

The Team

Interested in having fun while at the same time saving our planet?

The creative team at MESON Innovation certainly is.

Meet the team members who work every day to bring Eddie and Izzie Icecube to life, the same team members who daily work on innovating new ways that DITTO cups, bowls and containers can save our planet.

If you are interested in understanding how MESON Power can improve your existing packaging, then make contact and we can explore together

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